Here is a list of government-sponsored programs, small business loans, and grants that your company may be eligible for. Look no further than our nation's capital to find the answer to your need for capital:

* The Commerce Business Daily lists government-awarded contracts, some of which are to be subcontracted to minority firms (

* The Federal Procurement Data System ( will help you find out what government agencies have purchased in the form of products and services and for how much. This site contains more than 70 different executive branch agencies to choose from. Your business may have exactly what a particular agency is looking for.

* The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ( is always on the lookout for minority-owned businesses. Entrepreneurs who qualify and are subcontracting to a majority firm that is revitalizing an urban neighborhood under the Community Development Block Grant program can use the Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program. The loans may be used for construction costs and equipment purchases.

* Under the 7(a) loan guarantee program, in most cases, up to 75% of a small business loan, or up to $75,000, is guaranteed by the government to a bank or other commercial lender: The SBA's LowDoc and SBAExpress loans are for those firms that need cash fast and have little time for documentation. Most of these loans can be turned around within 36 hours.

* If you're in the research and development business, there's good news for you, too.

* The Small Business Innovation Research program ( provides grants to those firms whose projects can be used by various government agencies, including NASA. Such agencies must set aside 2.5% of their extramural research and development fund dollars for small businesses.

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