This category was a tough call, since many of the sites are excellent, and we can't test by actually going through the mortgage acquisition process. Credibility counted for a lot here, given how important this purchase is.

Both Countrywide and Quicken Loans offer tools to help you procure new-purchase mortgages, refinancing, and home-equity loans. The types of mortgages available include fha, fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, and balloon. Once you've determined the type of loAN you want, the sites display numerous loan products, and you can usually go through the application process online. You'll know up front all of the costs built into the loan, just as a good in-person loan officer would tell you (and pros are available via e-mail and phone).

We applaud Countrywide and Quicken Loans for their combinations of loan options, customer support, and the ease they offer in navigating through a thorny process.

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