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HORSHAM, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 19, 2002

GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corporation (GMACCM), the nation's leading financial resource for the commercial real estate industry, today announced the launch of its new and improved Investor Query Web site (IQ) - an exclusive online tool for investors to access information on commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). The improved and updated version of the original IQ site offers a simple way to quickly generate customized reports on portfolio and loan level status.

With the superior technology of GMACCM, the new IQ is designed to offer a comprehensive source of information for those investing in CMBS transactions serviced by GMACCM. The updates and revisions provide bondholders, private investors, internal trustee reporting/relations staff, investment banks, life insurance companies and ratings agencies with a one-stop, user-friendly source of information, including:

- Customized and interactive access to all deals within a portfolio

- Efficient migration from the user's portfolio to single property views for further analysis

- Reports from previous months to track investment performance

- Regularly-updated data, including the latest information on new deals

- Reports formatted for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet analyses

- Connectivity of information enhanced and accelerated via leading edge software

- Personal access to GMACCM's technical and business support teams

"IQ contains an unprecedented array of customization and stratification tools that will keep us in the forefront of the `best-in-class' category among commercial loan servicers," stated Mark McCool, senior vice president of Servicing for GMACCM. "Both new and existing users of IQ will appreciate the vast amount of data and the ease in which it can be queried."

Recognized consistently as one of the industry's top commercial loan servicers by CMBS investors surveyed by Real Estate Finance & Investment, GMACCM has drawn from its comprehensive range of servicing-related technologies and functions to make the new IQ Web site a leading information database.

"While IQ is a powerful tool that capitalizes on our technological strength, another key element to our success has been and will always be the quality of people serving our customers," said Michael Lipson, executive vice president, Global Servicing for GMACCM. "To complement our IQ technology, we have added another layer of seasoned real estate professionals to better meet our customers' needs."

The new IQ Web site will provide clients a wide range of information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. IQ demonstrates how CMBS investors can employ technology to review operating statements, inspections, demographic or property type concentrations and more. The IQ Web site is also being configured to accommodate GMACCM's growing Asian and European portfolios.

As a leading CMBS servicer, GMACCM has made it a principal goal to offer customers the latest technological innovations such as Investor Query. GMACCM provides a unique set of skills to enhance its overall servicing performance, in addition to fulfilling all the mandatory CMBS surveillance and tracking functions associated with its role as a highly rated master, primary and special CMBS servicer.


GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corporation (GMACCM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of GMAC Commercial Holding Corp., is a premier financial services firm with extensive funding sources that, coupled with a broad menu of innovative financing programs, serve the needs of borrowers of commercial real estate debt as well as the providers of such capital. GMACCM is an industry leader in loan origination, servicing, asset management, investment management and technology services. The diverse lending and servicing specialist and its affiliates have more than 85 offices worldwide. GMACCM has a servicing portfolio exceeding $154 billion and provides a variety of financing products and services including permanent, interim, mezzanine and construction lending as well as equity capital. GMACCM has specialized lending units focused on healthcare, hospitality and franchise and equipment lending.

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